Why Distractions are Totally a Good Thing Now

The 21st century revolution of distractions

Distractions are everywhere: Social media, the constant barrage of breaking news, cat videos, and meaninglessly entertaining apps. Distractions are often what keep us engaged in what is going on the world. By pulling out our phone, we can learn about anything we want to at any time. You can check on what your friends are doing, check on the most up-to-date news, or watch sports highlights all within a few seconds. Technology has revolutionized the distractions that we can experience, and you should be taking advantage of that!

The endless volume of information available right at our fingertips makes distractions now as plentiful as they have ever been. The quality of the content of the distractions we typically consume may be lacking. Let’s face it, pictures of your acquaintances’ food can only be so meaningful. But distractions were not meant to add meaning to our lives, just keep our minds entertained enough to repress the boredom that can sneak in.

The good side of distractions

Distractions can help us keep up with our friends without having to actually talk to them. They help us get news that is even pre-opinionated so we do not need to come up with our own opinions! And even though some studies say that distractions damage productivity, they provide a great break from other tasks and allow our mind to drift off.

Distractions also keep us pre-occupied enough to avoid starting long-term projects or goals, like learning something new, starting a business, or writing a book, which are challenging and require hard-work and concentration to do.

How to stay distracted

Here are some practical steps you can do to optimize your distraction consumption –

  1. Keep your phone on and all notifications enabled: This will ensure that you can take advantage of every chance to be distracted, whether it be seeing who liked something you said, the score of a baseball game you may or may not genuinely care about, or what the latest on a news story that probably doesn’t apply to you.
  2. Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe: YouTube channels, blogs, newsletters, you name it. If you subscribe to enough things you will always have something to distract you when you are feeling like a distraction.
  3. Install lots of apps: Keep you phone packed with as many apps as you can fit to facilitate for as many distractions as possible.

Even with these steps, one of the best things about distractions is that they are very natural. If we go about our normal lives and don’t intentionally and mindfully filter out distractions, we will be distracted frequently enough. These distractions, while keeping us from starting other projects or meaningfully using our time in other ways, are an enjoyable way of the ever-so-valuable task of keeping up with our acquaintances, learning about the constantly breaking news, and rewarding our brain with cat videos.

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