5 Great Excuses For Not Exercising

Exercising kind of sucks. It’s hard. It’s sweaty. It’s exhausting. It has health benefits like increasing energy, reducing stress, and building muscle, but it takes time and really just isn’t fun.

With everyone telling you that you should exercise, you need an arsenal of excuses to get out of it. That’s where I can help. First, let me be clear, there is a difference between not wanting to exercise and not being able to. If you are 9 months pregnant and on bed-rest, that is a not an excuse to avoid weightlifting. That is a good reason. Spraining you ankle is not an excuse for skipping a run, it’s common sense.

But if none of these reasons apply to you and you are perfectly capable of exercising, here are 5 excuses that anyone can use to justify spending some more time on the couch instead of at the gym.

1. I don’t have time

You live a busy life. You have all kinds of commitments: long work hours, an active social calendar, and demanding family requirements that all fill up the too-few hours in the day. Trying to fit in a 30 minute run or a trip to the gym sounds overwhelming when you think about all the other priorities that you have going on.

Exercise isn’t a one time thing either. To really get the effects out of it, you need to make a habit out of it; exercising multiple times a week for as long as you want to stay in shape. If you exercise 4 times a week for 30 minutes, that adds up to more than 100 hours in a year! Think of all the other things you could be doing with that time.

2. I’m way too out of shape

Exercise sucks, but it especially sucks when you’re just starting and you’re out of shape. It’s sweaty, sticky, and exhausting. It is painful while you exercise and then you are sore afterwards. The worst part is that the only way to get in shape and make working out less awful is to get started and make it through the grueling beginning.

And what happens if you do get in shape? You have to keep working out to stay in shape! You have to push yourself regularly just to maintain your progress. There is no end to it, so why even start?

3. Gyms are really expensive

Never before in history have people been charged to enter a torture chamber, but here we are. Think about all of the other things you could be using that money for: nice food, trips to the movies, or another blue-ray for your collection.

It’s true you don’t need a gym subscription to begin exercising. You can begin running in your neighborhood, buy a pull-up bar or free weights to work out in your house, or start with some pushups and sit ups. But a gym is like exercise headquarters, so if anyone says you should start exercising, you can still use this as an excuse.

4. I’m already too tired without exercising

Are you tired most of the time? You are? Great. What you need is to start a habit that takes more of your energy every day.

Exercise is really tiring. Pushing yourself to run, lift weights, or do yoga takes away from the amount of energy you could be dedicating to other things, like working on a project.

Some people point out that studies show once you have been exercising for a while and get into shape, you will have more energy that you did before. But you still have to go through the exhausting challenge of getting into shape before you can reap these benefits. And once you get into shape, you still have to make yourself more tired by exercising to maintain your stamina, so it’s probably better to just never get started.

5. It’s boring

What is exercising? It’s moving your legs quickly, lifting heavy things, stretching in challenging ways, and other monotonous tasks meant to make you feel resistance. It’s fair to say that most of these tasks are pretty uninteresting. You could try to listen to music or podcasts to make it more enjoyable, or create a game out of exercising, but are those as fun as sitting on the couch watching Netflix?

You’re Welcome

So there you go. 5 excuses to get you out of exercising. So next time you get the urge to get off the couch and exercise or a friend suggests you should go the gym refer back to this list. Hopefully it will be enough for you to find the motivation to stay on the couch.