I Started Every Morning With a Shot of Vodka And Here’s What Happened

What is your morning routine like? Do you set an alarm to get up early? Take a quick run to get the blood moving? Force yourself to sit down and get some work done before the rush of the day begins? Meditate to begin your day in a mindful way? If you have a disciplined, thought-out morning routine, I commend you.

But I have a better way. Alcohol.

Shots. Shots. Shots. Shots. Shots

Here’s how my first seconds awake go: My eyes open. I am groggy, but aware enough to roll over to the side of my bed with my nightstand. I reach over and grab my morning shot glass (usually a fruit flavor because of the extra vitamins… That’s a thing, right?) Then I pour a shot and bottoms up! My day has begun.

There are many advantages to this routine, but I will narrow it down to a mere few for the sake of brevity.

Alcohol for the Body

You may be surprised to hear that alcohol has some of the same effects as exercise. Alcohol is a vasodilator, which basically means it lowers your blood pressure. Your heart rate increases and your breathing speeds up, just like if you had exercised! This has been great for me because it means I don’t have exercise to get my heart going or feel winded anymore.

Alcohol is also an effective replacement for pain killers because it depresses the central nervous system, reducing the feeling of pain in the body. So if every morning you are waking up and popping an Advil, try a shot of Smirnoff instead!

Alcohol for the Mind

Most of us wake up feeling groggy and slow. Some people rely on a cold shower or some exercise to remove the fog, I happen to take a shot of vodka. The result is the same. The taste of liquor in my mouth and the burning in my throat send my body into wake-up mode faster than cold water or a quick run could do.

Since alcohol is also a depressant, it helps slow down our minds and makes us less worried and apprehensive. It also makes our body release endorphins into our brains, making us feel happy. Compared to meditation, shots are way faster, allowing me to have more time for other things in the morning (or to sleep in longer).

A Good Habit

One thing I discovered when drinking vodka every morning is that it was an easy activity to make a habit. Athletes and trainers crave to get in a good workout in the day despite the challenge. Some even go as far as saying that they are addicted to exercise. I happen to crave vodka every morning.

Between the health and mental benefits, I can’t think of a better way to start every morning than with 1.5oz of distilled ethanol. You should give a shot.