Keeping work as the #1 Priority

Our success defines us. That is why it is of the upmost importance to keep your professional and academic pursuits above everything else. You can so easily get caught up in other things that distract you from your life’s calling. Your family can be demanding, friends can be needy, and personal hobbies are constantly tempting to pull you away. But eating dinner with your parents, catching up with friends, or going on a long hike never earned anyone an A+ or big promotion. Keeping work and school at the top of your priorities will free you to focus on the important things in life.

Let’s say that you’re a successful businessman in a Fortune 500 company and you have a big report to finish. You could go your sons baseball game this Saturday, but he has another one next week and if this report is perfect, you’ll be one step closer to that next big promotion. It is important to keep your perspective and focus on your work so you can succeed and meet your highest potential.

Stayin’ on top

One of the reasons for prioritizing work and school is to keep anyone else from stealing your success. The only way to guarantee your promotion instead of someone else’s is to work your butt off every day. Weekends, holidays, and family vacations are no excuse for preventing you from achieving your potential. Or if you want to be at the top of class instead of another student, you have to study at every moment. Take your flash cards wherever you go. Fixate on that next exam with all your energy.

Losing your focus will allow others to come in and pass you on the corporate latter or top you in the grading curve. The only way to prevent this is dedicating every moment you can to work or school until you’re on the top and then can be truly happy!

Keep up the good work

For some people, keeping work or school above everything else will be relatively easy because they are already doing it. These are the people that we know have their priorities in order. They may seem tired, stressed, overworked, and depressed, with less-than-ideal social and family lives. But when life is about promotions and A+’s, none of those other things really matter in the long run.

Some people say that striving to be at the top of work or school will not make you happy, but these people also don’t think that success inevitably leads to happiness. At the end of the day, it’s your choice how you will live your life; the reasonable path of putting your professional pursuits above all else, or the crazy path of balancing the aspects of your life at the possible sacrifice of the next rung in the corporate ladder or A+ exam.