Stop Letting Control Slip You By

I am a control enthusiast, not control freak

Isn’t control great? Having power over what is going on. Getting to determine what happens in a situation. Being the one to make the call about a decision. Control lets us exercise our will over what is going on.

Here’s the problem, there are often so many things going on at once that it can seem overwhelming to try to control all of them. At any given time we could have responsibilities from work, home, school that we need to finish. The dishes need to be done. This work report needs to be filled out. The car needs to be taken to the shop.

At this point you have a choice: take control, or let others take it away from you. Your coworker said that they would do the report if you asked them to, but they don’t format it as well as you do. It would be best if you handled that one too. Your son could take the car to the shop but he just started driving and if something else breaks on it while he’s driving it up there…. You get the point.

I do it right

There are so many reasons why you need to take control. You know what you’re doing and can do it right, the first time. You are responsible for the outcome of everything in your life. You know better than everyone else, and if things are going to succeed, you better be the one to do them.

Who knows what could go wrong if someone else took control? There could be mistakes. Something that /you/ have to fix later. Or they could get the credit and be rewarded for something that you could have done.

I need to stop letting go

You’ll hear some people say that too much control is a negative: that it is best to be selective about the tasks that you take on. They say that overdoing it will stress you out and overwhelm you. And by trying to do too much, the quality of your work will go down. There are even those that claim that multitasking (often a result of taking control of lots of things) makes tasks take longer than they otherwise would have.

You need to ignore the negative, doubtful naysayers. You can never control enough things. Take control of as many tasks as you think you can, then keep going. Ignore the burnout. Ignore the stress. Ignore the worry that comes from being responsible for more than you think you can handle.

I need to take control

If discouragement comes, remember all the reasons that you took control in the first place. So the task was all up to you. You can do it your way. No one else will mess it up. You can finish it yourself.

A project at work is assigned to your team? Do it yourself. A repair around the home needs to be done? Don’t hire a trained handyman. Get out your tools and get to work. Your child has a project that is due for the science fair? Go ahead and take over that one for them too.

Some people may say being in control can lead to stress, worry, and burnout, but remember how you’re the only one you can trust to do it right, so stop letting control slip you by.