Success First, Happiness Later

The Gateway

Success in life is the gateway to happiness. Most people think you cannot have happiness without success. We’re all just waiting to reach that point of success in our lives when we will finally be happy. When it will finally be enough.

Think about success as a destination, not as a journey. Only once you have reached success can you be happy. Along the way you don’t have to enjoy things, just keep pounding away so you can be happy one day.

Being successful in the modern world means different things to different people; Climbing the corporate ladder, making lots of money, and having people that admire you. Having a house or fancy apartment, a nice car, and enough money to spend on lavish hobbies is a nice addition to success too.

These are great guidelines for determining success because it is entirely based on material things that you have, not more abstract things like contentment with your family or a good relationship with your friends,. Not to say that that those abstract things are bad, only that how can they be a good measuring stick of our real success in life?

How to be successful

To achieve success, keep you eye on the end goal and do whatever needs to be done to reach it. Trying to be happy while achieving this goal will make you distracted.

  1. Set unrealistic goals for yourself: Aim high, put a lot of pressure on yourself to achieve, and if you fail, at least you were trying.“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” – Norman Vincent Peale

    Granted, you may burn out along the way. You may have a mental breakdown from the stress of trying to do the impossible. But look past those short-term struggles and keep working yourself until you are finally happy.

  2. Don’t give yourself a break: To reach success as soon as possible, do not allow yourself any respite from the grind. Keep working as much as possible. Evenings. Weekends. Holidays. Work.Time off will delay your eventual happiness, and distract you from your goals. Vacations redirect your focus to your family or friends. Do not allow time to be wasted on things like building relationships.
  3. Don’t unplug: Unplugging will keep you from getting work done. In the times away from the responsibilities of work you can be pulled away by hobbies or relaxation.Keep your phone on at all times just in case.Check email in bed to catch up on things before you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up. Make sure it’s near by at the diner table so you don’t miss an important email or phone call.
  4. Aggressively embrace perfectionism: Don’t be satisfied with anything less than absolutely perfect. Anything less isn’t your best. Allow perfectionism to seep into every area of you work.Your next report could also use more polish. The code you wrote could be a little more optimized. That article you wrote could do with a little more editing. Don’t let being done get in the way of being perfect.

The finish line

Achieving success is not always a bed of roses. It can be hard to climb the corporate ladder, with late nights, early mornings, and constant stress. It often requires neglecting the other things in your life like family and relationships.

Some people say that you should find happiness in the journey, not just the destination. They may bring up that you spend most of your life trying to achieve your idea of success, and if you are not happy along the way than you have wasted a huge part of your life.

Don’t worry about being happy when still on the road to success. Focus everything on achieving success before your own happiness. Then, after you have money, a big house, a fancy new car, and everything completely in order, you will finally be happy!