The Health Benefits of Waffles and 4 Other Delicious Foods

Eating delicious food is a great way to enjoy life. We love to eat out with friends both for the pleasure of the meal and the company. However we often are self-conscious about what we put into our bodies, fearing that it is unhealthy or will make us fat. But what if I told you there were health benefits in the foods you’ve been avoiding?

Here are 5 delicious foods with health benefits you might not be thinking about when you guiltily order them.

1. Waffles

You may not have expected it, but waffles actually have various health benefits. The eggs that are typically in the waffle batter are a great source of protein to aid muscle building and recovery. 2 frozen waffles also contain around 20% the daily value of calcium, contributing the the strengthening of bones.

On top of these, you can go above and beyond when eating waffles by adding fruit on top or choosing whole-grain waffles for the extra fiber.

2. Pasta

In addition to being a vary flexible and delicious food, pasta has many advantages that should alleviate your guilt. Pasta (especially whole wheat pasta) is rich in fiber, which fights obesity and diabetes. The carbs in pasta also keep you full longer, preventing the desire for more food for a while.

Because pasta is such a versatile food, you can prep pasta with a variety of other foods as well to boost the healthy-ness. Tomato sauce is a popular topping, and contain antioxidants that is a rich source of vitamins and minerals and can be effective in preventing certain types of cancer. Cheese is another good combo, and provides a source of protein for muscle health and calcium for bone strength.

3. Beer

Okay, I know that beer isn’t a food but it’s delicious and gets a bad rap for it’s healthiness. However beer has several surprising benefits that may help clear you conscious when ordering a pint with your next meal.

Beer contains dietary silicone, which helps you bone structure, increasing density and decreasing the chances of osteoporosis. Because of the alcohol in beer, it can also help improve your blood flow, reducing the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Beer can also reduce cancer risk because of a compound called xanthohumol, which is found in the hops of the beer and contributes to the bitter flavor.

4. Chocolate

Chocolate is delicious. It can come in the form of cake, ice cream, flavoring in coffee, or even in just straight candy bars. You probably consider chocolate a guilty pleasure rather than a part of healthy diet, but there are more benefits to the cocoa desert than you probably realize.

For one thing, the cocoa in chocolate contains antioxidants that include vitamins and minerals. One of the antioxidants is flavanol, which scientists believe may contribute to preventing cancer. Flavanol is also helpful in heart health by improving blood flow and decreasing blood pressure.

5. Bacon

Bacon may be the most delicious food ever. It goes well with so many different foods: pizza, pasta, salad, and sandwiches to name a few. It can also be a good side for any meal of the day. It’s great news then that it also has health benefits that we can take advantage of.

Bacon contains choline; an essential nutrient that helps with a variety of conditions, from liver disease to depression. Bacon also has a substantial amount of necessary vitamins and minerals, especially B1, B3, and B12. It contains considerable protean, useful for building muscle and long lasting energy. Despite popular opinion, bacon can even be good for you heart, with Omega-3 protecting it from damage and lowering you cholesterol.

Taste is one of the senses we tend to neglect for the sake of healthiness, but if you look hard enough, you can find the health benefits in nearly anything. So next time you have a meal of waffles topped with bacon and chocolate, a pasta appetizer, and a beer on the side, think about all the health benefits that your body will be enjoying!