This Passion Thing is Just a Phase

We all have hobbies, dreams, or goals that we are passionate about. Your mission could be writing the next great American novel. Or you may dream of starting a cupcake business. Perhaps you have a hobby of candle making that you think you could make a living doing full-time one day. These crazy dreams often fill our minds while we do the much less idealistic tasks of life, like working a 9-5 job, idly folding laundry, or sitting at your cousins graduation.

Regardless of what your passion may be, achieving it will not be easy. Often times it requires giving up a comfy job for something that pays less and takes more hours. This means you have less money to spend on stuff and less free time to spend on entertainment or socializing.

Passions are distractions

So how do you know if something is a passion? A passion is something you think about all. the. time. If it’s a business idea, you think about how you would get it off the ground. If it’s a book, you think about your characters and plot. If it’s a hobby, you think about what it would take to start making money from it so you can do it all the time.

The problem is that this is distracting. If you spend your moments daydreaming about what could be you lose sight of how things are. You will probably never quit your job to pursue your dream. It is just to risky.

We should be focusing on what we need to do. Progressing in the corporate world is a much more practical route to a simple, easy life than trying to become an artist, author, or entrepreneur. Sure, it may not be the life you would choose for yourself if you could, but at least it pays the bills and Netflix subscription.

The 99%

Of the countless people that have tried to pursue a passion, almost all give up before they have given it their best shot. They do the smart thing. Playing it safe. Not risking their moderately happy life now for the possibility of something amazing in their future. It might mean staying at their well paying 9-5 job instead of taking a lower-paid position in a field that they dream about working in. Or it could mean that instead of committing evenings and weekends to work on writing a book, they watch the TV.

These are are 99%. Compared to that, there are so few people that have made their dreams a reality. The 1% that do make it have to commit so much to succeeding. They may have to quit their job, or sacrifice free time. They have to go through doubt of wondering if they’ll be able to make it or not. They might experience the discomfort of living with less money than they could be making in a traditional job. Sure, they usually say the sacrifice was all worth it, but is it really worth it for you?

Dreams are for sleepers

Dreams are great, but they are for when we’re sleeping. They should not to distract us from reality. The reality is that you will probably never support yourself doing your hobby, or finish the book that you’ve been writing, or start a successful business. Why even try? It would take so much work and it’s so much riskier than just staying where you are.

So, when you start obsessively thinking about your passion, just remember, you only have one life, and least you’re comfortable.