Get Back Into Your Victim Mentality

Your mental state is one of the most important aspects of life

Being in a victim mentality means to consider the bad things that happen to you as a result of the actions of others or of the universe. And not thinking about it once, but concentrating on how everything is working against you and keeping it in your mind so that it fills you.

Avoiding Responsibility

The first thing that a victim mentally does is prevent your from accepting the blame or responsibility on yourself. Accepting responsibility when things go wrong is /dangerous/. It can cause you to change the way you do things; to “improve” yourself, but this is hard and in the end, might not be worth the struggle. Accepting responsibility can also damage the ego that you have built for yourself by never thinking anything is your fault. This makes you face the reality that you might not be as awesome as you think you are.

The easiest path is to convince yourself that you are the victim of every situation. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to change things and just let complacency carry you whenever it will.

Cultivating bitterness and deflecting blame

Secondly, a victim mentally can help build bitterness and resentment towards others. If you resent others and blame them for what may or may not be in part your fault, you might be able to pawn the consequences of the results onto them. And even if you can’t deflect the consequences, you can still mentally position yourself to dislike and distrust them in the future.

In this case, it doesn’t even matter if/how much of the blame is justifiable or not. The important part is to focus outward at the perceived problems in other people that might be making life harder for you.

You don’t need to improve yourself

Some say that a victim mentally and diverting responsibility will cause you to not want to improve yourself or do better next time, but this is coming from the perspective that you want to do better the next time. As we have mentioned before, it’s okay to only do okay. Not everyone reaches their full potential and you certainly don’t need to to be kind of happy.

So next time a situation arises where something goes wrong and you have the choice of either taking the responsibility or getting into a victim mentality, blame others and focus on how much you despise them for messing it up. You will cultivate bitterness, doesn’t have to worry about improving yourself, and won’t damage your carefully constructed ego.