How to Maintain Your Precious Pride

Pride is putting yourself in your proper place. First.

Our human nature dictates that we are ultimately responsible for one person about all else; ourselves. When it comes down to it, we are the only ones in full control of our bodies and minds. We need to watch out for ourself, because if we don’t, how do we know someone else will?

You’ve probably already had these creeping thoughts before. They are instinctually natural to us and engrained in our humanity. We are animals bent on our survival and self-preservation. These thoughts can easily lead us to a simple, egocentric existence where we allow ourselves be numero uno in our lives. But what does it mean to “put yourself first“?

How to be proud

Putting ourself first has many implications, but for the most part is not difficult. Because pride comes naturally to us, we often do these things without even thinking about it or trying. If we begin to divert from these behaviors, we start to fall into humility.

1. Focus on your own needs

You have talents, abilities, possessions, money, and time which you can leverage for so many things. Giving to charitable organizations may help many people in a multitude of ways, but buying a new TV for the bedroom helps the most important person. You.

Spending your time reading to your kids may help educate them, teach them life lessons, and improve their sociability, but have you seen the quality of kids books these days? You would much rather spend that time on your bed watching reruns of Friends your new TV.

2. Speak more. Listen less.

If we really buy into the idea that everything is about us, than our stories and opinions in the ones that matters most. In conversations, you can bring up awesome things about yourself. People /love/ that. Also bring up stories that make you look awesome (just be sure to smudge the facts a little bit if needed)

In meetings and discussions, make sure you opinion is known. In moments of doubt, remind yourself that you are definitely right, and that other people don’t know as much as you. Also, since you are working on speaking more, be a gent and let the other people in the meeting know that you know best.

3. Take credit whenever possible

The good part here is that whenever you are prideful, it really doesn’t matter if you were responsible for whatever was done. If something good happens, make sure to let everyone know that you had a part in that.

You can also divert the attention that goes to other people. When it comes up, try to minimize the perceived impact that anyone else had in the accomplishment.

Now Go Be Number One

Now that you have few simple steps for making yourself the center of your life, go forth and be the number one that you know you are.