Your Birth Sign and 4 Other Things Everyone Wants to Know About

It can be challenging to find topics to talk about with friends, acquaintances, and strangers. Often you just end up standing there, trying to think of something to discuss.

This article is for the social awkward of us. I have compiled a list of helpful topics about yourself that you can talk about. If you get into an situation of awkward silence, think back to these conversations and give them a shot!

  1. Your birth sign

    Everybody loves hearing about your birth sign. They especially love to hear why you behave the way you do because of your birth sign. Because we all know your personality is 100% based on the date you were born.

  2. Your favorite sports team

    And every single thing about them. Memorize all the players and random trivia about them: past teams they played for, stats for the last few seasons, close family members. These subjects are a goldmine for conversations with strangers. It’s an extra bonus if the person you are talking to doesn’t like sports because then all the information will be brand new!

  3. Your personal problems

    People loooove when you bring up your own issues. There is usually a deep well of problems that you can draw from. Family/relationship issues are usually the most reliable. People really like it when you bad-mouth the other people in your life in front of them. It really shows how good of a friend you are.

  4. Your Political Opinions

    Why you hate certain politicians, how the government is doing things all wrong, why one political party is clearly waaaay better than the other. Politics makes a great conversation starter. Don’t worry if your mostly uninformed about the issues, everyone else still talks about politics anyway.

  5. Your Complaints

    What do you have to complain about? Does laundry detergent make you itchy? Does your car make a rattling noise when you go over 60 mph? Do you hate all music made after 1989? Let someone know. Telling someone your complaints is a great way for them to get to know you and understand you.

If you stick to these conversation topics, you should be able to talk to just about anyone. Everyone you meet wants to know about you, so make sure to talk a lot about yourself using this list. These topics are a sure-fire way to get people to like you and want to talk to you again!