Aim for Mediocrity

Okay is okay

Mediocrity is usually equated with poor performance, but more accurately, mediocrity is doing the things that we know we can do, and not trying for anything more. It is not accomplishment, but is also not failure. Mediocrity is par-for-the-course. Normal. Average. Just Okay.

The goal of mediocrity in your life and career may seem uninspiring, but most people already live with the mindset of avoiding failures by reducing risks by whenever possible. Being aware of your strive for averageness is the next step so you can embrace the lifestyle of mediocrity.

Professional Strategic Risk Mitigation Expert

Aiming for mediocrity means minimizing the possibility of failure. Risk mitigation is a valuable skill in todays economy. Taking risks can result in costly errors. It is much safer to stick to what you know instead of trying to go outside your comfort zone to attempt something that hasn’t been done before.

Risk mitigation is undervalued by the retelling of rare multi-billion success stories of risk-takers like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. These people were massively successful, but for every Steve Jobs, there a Steve Job-less who tried to make his dream happen but failed. Aiming for mediocrity eliminates both extremes and allows you be safe where you are.

The strive for mediocrity may include sacrificing the possibility of certain achievements, but we retain our safety, familiarity, and comfortable complacency.

Avoiding the risk-takers’ advice

Some say that you should risk the things that you have come to know, like your comfort, lifestyle, and job, to try to achieve more. However, most people are fine settling for a safe, consistent okay-ness, even it if means they may not accomplish what they dream about. The good news is that you can live an average life too! Take solace in mediocrity. It is a perfectly okay lifestyle for anyone willing to life it out.

The best part is that you don’t need to think about it. Mediocrity comes naturally. When we do things without giving it our full effort or being mindful about what we are doing, we achieve mediocrity by default. Some people may reach excellence on accident or get lucky, but most of us are not so fortunate.

Aim for the middle

Mediocrity offers a safe and comfortable life. Although mediocrity is synonymous with underachievement, it is also about about it as knowing our limitations and working within them. Don’t risk the chances that you already have for the possibility of the greater ones. Don’t be ashamed to take comfort in the mediocrity of your life. Embrace it.