Multitasking and Other Effective Time Management Strategies

Our lives are made up of a lot of days. Everyday we are trying to accomplish tasks and goals. We try to finish these efficiently so that we can move on to other tasks. Whether it be a book report or a new website, we are trying to finish everything as quickly as possible so we can move onto the next task, goal, or activity.

You only have so many hours in the day. To make the most out of each second you need effective strategies. Some people do reports while listening to music to drown out background noise. Others will avoid people while they are studying to minimize distractions. In this article I have compiled the best time-management strategies that I know about to share them with you.

Manage your time and you manage your life

1. Multitask

This is just common sense. Why focus on only one thing when you have multiple things that need to get done? If you need to write code for a database and design an interface before the end of the week, why not double up simultaneously? Then if you run into a difficulty on one you can switch to the other to avoid the challenge for now.

While some people criticize multitasking because the brain is not wired for being able to focus on two tasks at once. But our brain is able to switch between tasks with a delay where you get back into the zone. Most of us rely on multitasking already, so it should be an easy strategy to continue.

2. Don’t plan ahead

Planning takes time. You could be using that time to just get to work. By bypassing the planning stage of tasks, you free yourself up to have more time to work.

If you need to think ahead, do it while working on something else to maximize your efficiency. This is another example where multitasking can be used. Just don’t spend too much time planning.

3. Keep distractions nearby

Your brain needs regular breaks. Distractions allow the brain to relax for a few minutes while you are working.

If you are pressed for time or up against a deadline, you can utilize multitasking here too. Simply have one tab open with whatever you’re working on and then another tab open with Netflix. It’s a perfect solution!

Every second counts

There are countless books, lectures, and articles that will try to convince you of the best way to get stuff done. The search is out for the silver-bullet of time management and spending every second efficiently. Multitasking, avoiding planning, and embracing distractions are 3 ways to maximize your time.

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